Shihab Chittur Hajj Live Location, Route Map, Biography and Latest Updates

Shihab of Kanjipura Chotoor in Malappuram, Kerala, is embarking on a remarkable journey to reach the holy city of Mecca for Hajj. Shihab, who has been preparing for this journey for a long time, has a childhood dream of walking from Kerala to Mecca. The journey is a significant undertaking, as Shihab will have to cross six countries in eight months.

Shihab Chittur
Shihab Chittur

The journey was started on June 2, 2023, and will be a test of both physical and mental endurance for Shihab. He walks at least 25 km a day and is carrying light luggage so that he can make the journey without any hindrances. Shihab says that the journey will be full of risks and difficulties, but he is determined to reach Mecca and fulfill his childhood dream.

Mecca is a holy city for Islamic believers, and performing Hajj is a big dream for many. Shihab says that he is making this journey to fulfill his wish of reaching Mecca on foot. The journey will not be easy, as Shihab will have to cross the borders of six countries to reach Saudi Arabia. However, he is well-prepared and has received help from several organizations, including ET Muhammad Basheer MP, Kurukoli Moiteen MLA, and KMCC.

Shihab said that at first, no one believed in his dream, but now everyone is happy and supportive. He was able to get his visa and papers after visiting various offices, including Delhi, for nine months. The journey has already started, and Shihab reached Pakistan on February 6, 2023. The journey is being closely followed by many, and Shihab’s progress can be tracked through the Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map and Live Location Updates.

Shihab Chittur Hajj Route Map

Shihab Chittur has now reacehd Iran.

Shihab Chittur has been making steady progress in his journey to reach Mecca, Saudi Arabia. On February 6th, 2023, he reached Pakistan and on September 7th, 2022, he reached Punjab. Previously, he reached Ajmer on August 14th, 2022. Now, Shihab has recently reached Iran as part of his eight-month journey from Malappuram, Kerala to Mecca. The journey is part of his childhood dream to perform Hajj in 2023, and he has been preparing for this journey for a long time. With each stop, Shihab is one step closer to realizing his dream of performing Hajj at the holiest place in the world for Islamic believers.

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Shihab Chittur Live Location Updates, Where is Shihab Chittur Now

The journey of Shihab Chotoor, a native of Malappuram, who left Kerala for Hajj on foot, reached Iran. Earlier, Shihab, who had reached the Wagah border in Punjab, was denied entry by the Pakistani immigration authorities as he did not have a transit visa. With the issuance of a Pakistan visa on Sunday, the opportunity to continue the journey was ready. For the past four months, Shihab was staying at Afia Kids School in Amritsar. Shihab had said that he has no hatred or animosity towards anyone who leveled allegations against him. There is no suggestion that this is a role model for anyone to emulate. It is one of his dreams to perform Hajj on foot. It needs everyone’s prayers. Shihab also clarified that he did not ask anyone to come with him to India and Pakistan.

Earlier, Shihab had stated that Pakistan did not deny him a visa and the problem was due to the category issue. He needs a transit visa. A tourist visa would be sufficient if you are visiting Pakistan. It will be available within hours. But a transit visa is required to go to Iran through Pakistan. Shihab also said that this is why the visa was delayed.

Shihab Chittur Biography

Full NameShihab Chittur
Age30 Years Old in 2023
Birth PlaceKerala
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight70 kg
Birth Year1993


Shihab’s journey from Malappuram to Mecca is an exceptional and inspiring journey that showcases his unwavering determination and commitment to fulfilling his childhood dream. The journey will test his physical and mental endurance, but he is determined to reach Mecca and perform Hajj in 2023. The journey is a testament to the power of belief and perseverance, and Shihab is an inspiration to many.


Who is Shihab Chittur?

Shihab Chittur is a 30-year-old man from Kerala, India who is on a journey to perform Hajj in 2023. He is walking from Malappuram, Kerala to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and plans to cross six countries to reach his destination.

Why is Shihab Chittur walking to Mecca?

Shihab Chittur has a childhood dream to walk from Kerala to Mecca and perform Hajj. He wants to fulfill this dream by walking to Mecca and perform Hajj in 2023.

How long will Shihab Chittur’s journey take?

Shihab Chittur’s journey is expected to take eight months.

Where is Shihab Chittur now?

As per the latest updates, Shihab Chittur has reached Iran

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